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Parent/Child Work in the Light of Current Times: Theory and Practice

Nancy Macalaster, Magdalena Toran, Michelle Brooks, Michelle Prindle

not offered in 2023

Tuition $600

Supporting the journey of parents/caregivers and their children birth to three is privileged work. The early years are a formative time for both parent/caregiver and the young child.  This work seeks to nurture the spirit of the individual, family and the developing child embracing all the nuances. 

This course is designed as an exploration of parent/caregiver/child work in the light of the shifts and changes taking place in our world currently. It will be experiential in nature offering opportunities to learn the whys and how’s of indoor parent/child groups and out-of-doors parent/child offerings. Songs, finger plays and simple handwork will be included helping to fill your basket of offerings for adults and their children.


Includes $50 late registration fee

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