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Keene is the largest city (of only 20,000 residents) in southwest NH. It is known for its beautiful downtown Main Street, filled with small local restaurants and coffee shops, the Monadnock Food Coop, a movie theatre and shops. Keene is also home to Antioch University New England and Keene State College. We are less than twenty miles from the Vermont and Massachusetts border, the Connecticut River, and Mount Monadnock, our ‘home’ mountain.


Downtown Keene can easily be navigated on foot or bike.  Our summer classes are held within walking distance of downtown, at the Monadnock Waldorf School, 98 S Lincoln St.

Recreation in and around Keene:

  • Day hiking around Keene includes Goose Pond (link to city map), or other walks in the conserved land around the Monadnock region. 

  • More strenuous hikes up Mt. Monadnock’s various trails is a hiker’s delight!

  • Canoers and kayakers have a plethora of lakes and streams to explore close by.

  • For the cyclist and walker Keene has an extensive rail trail network of bicyling trails.

IF you would like to explore the various culture options check out the Discover Monadnock calendar for a variety of evening and weekend events.

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