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       What are children and parents seeking today? We believe that they are seeking the constancy and radiant warmth of those who recognize the spiritual essence of childhood and parenthood; who know deep within that childhood is a journey rather than a destination. These earliest years are the period of life in which the spirits of both child and parent are yearning to blossom forth.

          As teachers and caregivers, Sophia’s Hearth invites you to become the teacher of your dreams, exploring the development of children and families from the deepest possible sources. Out of fresh insights and personal sensitivity, we may then offer respectful relationships to those who come to us, encouraging parents as they navigate the sometimes difficult terrain of parenthood and helping them appreciate the profound beauty of the journey. We may then meet today’s children as they ask us to support them during this most sacred time of early childhood, when the foundations are laid for fulfilling each individual’s earthly intentions.


          Our own reflective teaching work, out of which many of the insights for our teacher education program have arisen, finds its expression here with the children and parents of Sophia’s Hearth.


          Come and study with us in a vital, life-changing experience!

Katherine Scharff, Janene Ping, Jane Swain, Core Faculty and Susan Weber, Director Emerita

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