Understanding Children's Behaviors 2

Understanding Children's Behaviors and

How to Work with Them From Toddler to Kindergarten Age - Part 2

Susan Weber

December 5, 2015 Tution $99


We will explore the application of the three areas of social development: creating boundaries for children so that they understand our expectations, supporting self-initiated learning to strengthen healthy will, working with imitation to develop inner virtues.


We will share case studies and practice role playing in classroom moments. We will consider practical activities for this season, and how meaningful work opens up the best in each child. How can teachers use the concept of imitation in an authentic way that strengthens children’s behavior? How can we refining daily rhythm to solve problems?


Alongside these activities and discussions, we will master several games from Wilma Ellersiek that can be used to develop smoother, more artistic transitions within the classroom rhythm

–and we will plan how to integrate them into your classroom immediately!


Eligible for NH Childcare Licensing

Hours of Training–Core Knowledge Areas:

Teaching and Learning, Promoting Child Growth and Development, and Observing, Documenting, and Assessing.


Susan Weber is certified by the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau as a New

Hampshire Early Childhood Master Professional Workshop Trainer


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