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Sophia’s Hearth is dedicated to honoring the dignity and divinity of human life. We are committed to the principles of respect, kindness, compassion, and inclusion. We join in solidarity alongside those who are taking a stand against racism, injustice, and acts of implicit or explicit intolerance that violate these principles. Sophia’s Hearth welcomes people of all races, cultures, religions, national origins, gender identities, family configurations, and abilities. Our work begins with the youngest child, in the hopes that through loving and respectful relationships, we can help to create a more openhearted and caring world.


Sophia’s Hearth embraces the work of Rudolf Steiner and the principles of Waldorf Education, among other influences in our philosophy towards parenting and the care of the young child. We take from Waldorf Education the idea that each child, each human being is an individual that deserves to be treated with dignity and to develop in freedom in accordance with their own life’s journey. We reject any statements made by Rudolf Steiner that do not uphold these principles and we do not stand by any racist statements that may exist in his other works. 


We recognize that simply saying this does not solve the problems of systemic racism nor does it heal any wounds, but this statement serves as a first step towards promoting our efforts and our commitment to rectify the explicit and implicit biases that undermine the creation of healthy social life in our communities.

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