Our faculty and staff join us from all over the United States and abroad, bringing their experience and joy for working with young children and families. We are most grateful for their interest and involvement in the work of Sophia’s Hearth Family Center. The special, intimate and collegial atmosphere present in every event is a hallmark of our conferences and courses, and arises from the gifts of our excellent faculty. 


Katherine Scharff

Katherine Scharff is the Director of Teacher Education at Sophia’s Hearth. She is also a preschool and parent-child teacher at the Waldorf School of Saratoga, New York as well as a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach. She has completed the Sophia’s Hearth full Waldorf teacher education program and additional training in the Pikler approach. With her background in nursing and specialized training in the anthroposophical approach to nursing, Katherine brings these skills to our teacher education students.


Susan Weber

Susan Weber was the Director of Sophia’s Hearth Family Center for many years. She directed and taught in the Waldorf early childhood teacher education program at Sophia’s Hearth as well as at Antioch University. She is recognized internationally as a leading lecturer and writer in the field of Waldorf early childhood education. She has focused upon the illumination shined upon the understanding of the first three years of the child’s life as understood in Waldorf early childhood education, especially in the light of the approach of the Pikler Institute.

 She has lectured internationally, most recently at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland and in Spring Valley, NY. She also led a multi-year course on the child in the first three years in Khon Kaen, Thailand, for teachers throughout Southeast Asia. Click here for articles Susan has written for publication.


Jane Swain

Jane Swain is an associate director and core faculty member of our teacher education program, bringing her life long experience, training, and research into children’s sensory motor development.  Jane is a movement specialist and pediatric physical therapist, a graduate of the Level III training in Spacial Dynamics®, certified in Bothmer Gymnastics®, in Sensory Integration Praxis testing and Bobath/Neuro-developmental Treatment for children with Cerebral Palsy. Jane has studied at the Pikler Institute in Budapest. She has a special interest in the child’s integration of the primitive reflexes. Jane previously taught movement education in the early grades at the Monadnock Waldorf School and has provided classroom consultation and worked privately with children for many years. Click here for articles that Jane has contributed on many themes.  Jane is certified by the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau as an Early Childhood Master Professional Workshop Trainer.


Janene Ping

Janene is an associate director and core faculty member of out teacher education program. She is also a kindergarten teacher at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School in Harlemville, NY. She is the founder of the Magical Puppettree community puppet troupe.  She is currently the research project leader for work to foster an understanding of and make visible the relationship between contemporary research into brain and neurological development, multiple intelligences, and the learning process, and the practices growing out of Waldorf early childhood education. 

Kathleen Bowen

Kathleen studied biography and social art at Sunbridge College between 2006 and 2009, opening the way to a profoundly new relationship to her own lifestory and a new understanding of the journey we each take toward our development.  She is a founding board member of the Center for Biography and Social Art, on the faculty of the Biography and Social Art Certificate Program and brings biography workshops to WECAN, AWSNA and AGM conferences.

Heather Church

Heather grew up on the shores of Lake Superior and in the great outdoors of Muskoka and started her Waldorf journey at the Huronia Waldorf School as a parent and shortly after that began her work as a Kindergarten teacher twenty years ago.

  After eleven years of teaching mixed aged kindergarten, at Huronia and Toronto Waldorf Schools, Heather left the classroom and co-created My Child Myself, a centre that offered parent learning, community building and a business selling organic woolens. Following that she went back to the Toronto Waldorf School as Pedagogical Chair supporting parents, teachers and community. Heather completed her Kindergarten training at Sunbridge Institute and Birth to Three Specialization Training at Sophia’s Heath.

  In recent years Heather has studied Biography, New Adult Learning and Leadership to support her work with parents and teachers. Heather is also the Regional WECAN Representative for Ontario and Northern New York State as well as a Member of the WECAN board of directors.  Currently she serves as the Early Childhood Coordinator and Early Childhood Faculty Chair at the Halton Waldorf School in Burlington Ontario.

Joanne Dennee

Joanne has been living in the Northeast and teaching young children for 42 years.  Together with the old trees, wild foods, young animals she has been creating experiences that nurture deep relationships with the natural world through seasonal encounters in the garden, on the farm, and in the forest. Biodynamic and Native plant wisdoms and traditions guide her work.

Meggan Gill

Meggan first learned about Waldorf education while pursuing a liberal arts undergraduate degree in health sciences at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. In 2008 she moved to New York city and completed the Waldorf early childhood teacher education program at Sunbridge Institute. She has taught parent-and-child and kindergarten classes at the Brooklyn Waldorf School since 2009.

Nancy Macalaster

Nancy is a certified Parent Early Childhood Mental Health Clinician in the State of NH. She holds a degree in child development from Connecticut College and a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Antioch University New England. She is a graduate of Sophia’s Hearth Birth to Three Specialization and has completed advanced training at the Pikler Institute in Budapest, Hungary. She has completed training in maternal and infant mental health in Boston at the Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

Michelle Prindle

Michelle is a voice and piano teacher, early childhood educator, and mother of three.  She is also a co-owner of two small businesses dedicated to music education: The Prindle School and Living Music in the Home. Michelle has completed the Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Training at The Alkion Center. Michelle uses the Werbeck method with her students to help them discover their own hidden vocal potential.

Kim Snyder-Vine

Kim Snyder-Vine holds a four-year Goetheanum Diploma from the London School of Speech Formation. She has been teaching, performing and consulting in creative speech, drama, and hygienic speech for children and adults in Waldorf schools and Waldorf teacher training institutes and artistic training centers, as well as private and public venues worldwide, since 1983. Kim was a founding member of Portal Productions in London and the Alchymia Theatre in Chicago. Recently she has performed internationally with Eurythmeum Stuttgart, the Symphonic Eurythmy Tour and Eurythmy Spring Valley.

Carol Spindler

Carol Spindler completed her eurythmy training in 2013 and participated in the Dvorak Eurythmy Symphony in Spring Valley, NY.  She graduated from Dartmouth College and also has a master’s degree in speech-language pathology.

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