Gender and Sexuality in the Light of Waldorf Education

Gender and Sexuality in the Light of Waldorf Education

Saturday May 18, 2019  9am-3pm

Instructor: Lisa Romero from Developing the Self

Tuition $99

How can communities work together over time to support the harmonious development between the child’s evolving body and his or her inner experiences to build the foundation for healthy adult sexuality and gender?  What is the responsibility and the impact of the community in fostering a sense of well being in the growing child in these important aspects of life?  This workshop will help us to recognize the depth and progressive understanding Waldorf education brings to these topics.  Children pass through different stages of consciousness as they grow.  We will consider how and when to work with children in regards to sexuality and gender throughout the developmental stages of early childhood through adolescence.  The emphasis will be on the the child from birth to seven.  


Lisa Romero is not able to be here due to family emergency

Lisa Romero is an author, health practitioner, and adult educator. Her five books include Developing the Self, written after years of working with Waldorf teachers to support their inner work and pedagogical understanding of child development. In 2017 she published Sex Education and The Spirit to help awaken an understanding of our communal responsibility for the healthy development of gender and sexuality within society. For more than twenty years, she has given workshops on the subject of gender, sexuality, and social understanding, working in Waldorf schools, directly with students, teachers, and parents on this theme.

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