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Internship Application

The internship is a full time teaching position in our year round childcare that includes 100% paid tuition for the Birth-to-Three Certificate, housing and utilities, up to 90% tuition paid towards an associates degree in early childhood.

Upload Resume

Please attach a current résumé indicating work experience, education, and other interests and activities. Document should be in PDF format.

Upload Personal Statement

In a PDF document: 

Please share a biographical sketch of yourself including descriptions of the following:

·   Your childhood

·   Your involvement with young children

·   Your familiarity and experience with Waldorf education, the work of the Pikler Institute, and other early childhood educational approaches

·   Reasons for your interest in this program

Include any other information that you think may be helpful to us when considering your application.

A letter of recommendation from someone (non-family member) who can share your ability to complete and be successful in this program is requested.


Please provide the separate Letter of Recommendation form to your recommender. Have him or her send the letter directly to Sophia’s Hearth. (email a pdf to or snail mail) Please list below the name of the person submitting a letter of recommendation on your behalf.


Students must have technological ability, own or have access to a computer, and have access to an email account. Some coursework requires use of a computer, so students must have basic word processing ability to be able to complete all assignments. Communication between the Institute and program students generally takes place via email.


I certify that all the responses on this application are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


I understand that photos or videos may be taken of me while participating in the program. I understand it is my responsibility to notify Sophia’s Hearth in writing if I do not want pictures or videos used for marketing materials.


I understand that falsifying any part of this application may result in cancellation of admission and/or enrollment and termination of employment


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