The Pikler Approach to Gross Motor Development

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The Pikler Approach to Supporting Gross and Fine Motor Development in the Infant and Young Child

Saturday September 15, 2018, 9am - 3pm

Instructor: Jane Swain

Tuition $99


Emmi Pikler’s work as a pediatrician in Budapest, Hungary started before World War II. It continued over many decades, and is only now starting to gain a foothold in child care facilities, schools, and private homes in this country.


Through a largely experiential format, we will explore Pikler’s unique approach for supporting gross and fine motor development in the period from birth through kindergarten--with emphasis on fine motor development.  What are the stages of gross and fine motor development, and are they inter-related?  How can I tell if a child needs an outside referral?  Does it matter whether the child is taught movements or whether she teachers herself movements?  What are the environmental conditions and practices that promote self-learning of motor capacities?  What are the time frames for self-initiated motor development, and are these different than what is usually expected in the US?   


Jane Swain, is certified by the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau as a New Hampshire Early Childhood Master Professional Workshop Trainer.

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