Singing Games

Singing Games for One and All! A Focus on the Kindergarten Years

Anna Rainville

October 10, 2015 Tution $99


How can the adult and the child discover and restore the natural birthright of every child to sing, move and experience the joy of togetherness?

Singing games raise the spirits of communities throughout the world. Learn the basics and intricacies of uniting song and movement and why they are even more called for today. This workshop will inspire and delight your confidence to renew this time-honored activity so necessary to child development today. These games address the foundational senses of touch, life, movement and balance while developing musical sensibilities, social awareness and coordination on all levels. You will dance your way through the seasons with sensitivity to developmental challenges. Increase your own well-being and ability to gather families and school groups together to enjoy these enlivening cultural treasures and make up your own.


Anna Rainville is a musician, singer,  experienced Waldorf early childhood and grades teacher with an MA in Waldorf Education from Adelphi University. She teaches and consults in both Waldorf and public school settings. She travels widely to share the fun and joy of singing games. She has authored SINGING GAMES—Singing Games for Families, Schools and Communities, which will be available to purchase at the workshop. Anna can get an auditorium full of people dancing and smiling in minutes.

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