Applying Steiner's Processes

Applying Rudolf Steiner's Seven Life Processes to Welcome Parents over the First Seven Years

Susan Weber

January 9, 2016, Tuition $99


Rudolf Steiner described seven processes that unfold in every situation where life is present, and others such as Conrad van Houten have applied these processes to social contexts. Every human community yearns to be filled with life, and a classroom is fundamentally alive! In this workshop day we will explore these seven processes, and develop strategies for applying them to our work as teachers with the parents of the children in our care. We will plan an evening gathering, an individual conversation with a parent, a community social event. Each participant will return to her teaching with a fresh perspective on how an understanding and practical application of these life processes can truly bring new

vitality and well-being to her community.


Eligible for NH Childcare Licensing Hours of Training–Core Knowledge Areas:

Teaching and Learning, Promoting Child Growth and Development, and Observing, Documenting, and Assessing.


Susan Weber is certified by the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau as a New

Hampshire Early Childhood

Master Professional Workshop Trainer.


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