Strategies for Supporting Children

Strategies for Supporting Children in the Classroom From a Sensory Perspective

Saturday November 5, 2016, 9am - 3pm

Instructor: Jane Swain

Tuition $99

Have you ever noticed how one child thrives in a loud and bustling environment while another responds to the same situation by squeezing behind the sofa and covering up with a blanket? Sensory experiences are very individual, and they change over time. We tend to expect that everyone else experiences sensation as we do, but this is not the case!

Come learn the secret language of interesting, unusual and even perplexing behavior and how behavior may be the child's ways of meeting sensory needs. You will get to know the children in your care more fully as the unique individuals they are and ways to help them cope in a variety of sensory situations.


Jane Swain, is certified by the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau as a New Hampshire Early Childhood Master Professional.


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