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Becky Rutherford

Faculty Member

Becky has an undergraduate degree in fine arts, a special education state certification and over four decades of experience working with children, adolescents and adults both in anthroposophic and mainstream settings. She received her Master’s degree in mainstream Art Therapy and has a background in Deaf Education. Becky was a teacher for 25 years at Camphill Special School. She is a curative educator who has taught and mentored parents, therapists, special education teachers, Waldorf teachers and curative teachers nationally and internationally (North America, Latin America, Central Asia, Middle East, Southeast Asia and China) and is a core faculty member of the Curative Education Program. Her particular interests are in the healing potential of the arts and in the expanded understanding of the Waldorf curriculum in order that all children can receive its benefits and all cultures can find a true expression through it.

Courses Taught

Becky Rutherford
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