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Tuition for the 2023:

506 Hour Birth to Seven Certificate        $22,290

300 Hour Birth to Three Certificate        $12,290

5 Day Summer Institute                            $     730

Foundations for the First Three Years    $  3,500

Tuition Payments for Certificate Programs (Birth to Seven, Birth to Three Certificates)

After the initial deposit, tuition is paid monthly via ACH withdrawal. All withdrawals are made from US banks or accounts set up with US bank codes. International students can pay via Wire Transfer. The tuition payment schedule for 2023 can be found by clicking here. If you have questions about the payment plan please speak to Cynthia Cote, Business Manager to work out a plan that works for Sophia's Hearth and your household.

Paid Internship with Housing and Full Scholarship

Starting in Summer 2022 one student will be invited to join the staff of Sophia's Hearth as a full-time, paid intern. The position will be a 40 hour position working with and mentored by master teachers. Housing, along with utilities, will be provided at a nearby apartment at no cost for the individual. Read more details here.       Click here to apply

Full Scholarship

Sophia's Hearth offers all staff (working 25 hours or more) a full scholarship for the Birth-to-Three and the Birth-to-Seven certificate programs. If you are interested in a career where you learn find out what positions are available here.

Discounts for Schools

In our ongoing effort to help schools or programs that want to help their teachers obtain a Birth-to-Three or Birth-to-Seven certificate we are offering the following discount program. This program is a trial, in effect only for students who join the cohort beginning in June 2023. There is no guarantee that it will continue.

The school/program must:

  • Have three or more teachers enrolled in the 2023 (class of 2026) cohort that starts in June 2023.

  • The school/program states in writing they are committed to paying no less than 20% of the tuition ($2,458 or $4,458).

Sophia’s Hearth will:

  • Discount the tuition charge for each student by 20%, Birth to Three by $2,458 and Birth-to-Seven by $4,458.

  • Work with both the school/program and student to make a payment arrangement that meets everyone’s needs.

Full details of the program are available here.
Macalaster - Weber Scholarship Fund
average award $500-$2500

Named for Dorothy and Nancy Macalaster and Susan Weber this scholarship is funded by donations to Sophia's Hearth in honor of these pioneering women and their dedication to early childhood education. 

This scholarship is awarded based on need and availability of funds. Scholarship is for Birth-to-Three and Birth-to-Seven Certificate program

To apply complete the online application form.

AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) Grants and Loans
average loan $750/year
average grant $600/year (requires school contribution)

Sophia's Hearth is pleased to be able offer students working towards their Birth-to-Seven or Birth-to-Three Certificate the option of grants and loans through AWSNA. For a complete description of the AWSNA funding options click here. AWSNA will accept applications from anyone if their goal is to work at an AWSNA/WECAN school upon completion of their studies.


Deadline June 1 for summer course work. 


To apply for a grant (which requires your school - which must be an AWSNA or WECAN school- to contribute to the tuition as well) click here

To apply for a loan (which can be forgiven if you work in a AWSNA/WECAN school for three years, including one after completing your program) click here.

Lisa Freeman Scholarship Fund
average award $750-$1000

Lisa Freeman lives in so many hearts of the children and families she nurtured and inspired over her 30 years of being a Waldorf early childhood teacher.  

This scholarship is intended to continue her teaching legacy and love for outdoor teaching and learning environments by awarding a Sophia's Hearth student seeking their early childhood certificate a little bit of Lisa's encouragement from the heavens. It is not a needs based award.  Applications are accepted each summer.

Lisa Freeman Scholarship Application Form

For submission and/or questions please email:          

lisa freeman.jpg
Vermont Student Assistant Corporation

Students who live in Vermont may qualify for Non-Degree Grants from the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.   Please note that the VSAC academic year begins on July 1 of each year and runs through June 30. Level 1 students can recieve support for the full program. For more information, please go to

For tips on how to complete the VSAC form click here.

Michael Foundation

The Michael Foundation is a private fund dedicated to supporting the education of Waldorf  teachers. Applications must be received before February 1 in order to qualify for grants to be applied to the June 1- May 31 academic year. For more information, please go to

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