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A Deeper Look at Motor Development—as a Wisdom-filled Path to Reading and

Jane Swain

Saturday March 4, 2023

10am – 1:00pm ET/ 9am – 12:00am CT/ 8am – 11:00am MT/ 7am – 10:00am PT



“The circuits of the brain that are used for mental action are the same ones that are used for physical action … The movement of the body as a child matures is essential for the optimal development of memory, language, and learning.” Harvard neuropsychologist, Dr. John Ratey, 2002.

Particular facets of Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the education of the child from birth to nine years have been validated by decades of brain research. A significant amount of research reveals the foundational role of movement for cognitive development. In this workshop, we will weave together this research with anthroposophically-oriented principles, so that Waldorf teachers can better understand and more confidently speak with parents about movement and its foundational role for cognitive development. The development of healthy bilateral integrative movements has a significant impact on reading. How can we observe and support these types of movements in the infant, young child and younger grade school-aged student? There are other specific types of sensory motor experiences which pave the way for understanding mathematical concepts and linear thinking, and these will be explored also.

This workshop is open to those who work with children from birth to nine years. First, second and third grade teachers are welcome!

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