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Constitutional Types (for Post Graduates)

Becky Rutherford

Saturday March 5, March 12 and March 19, 2022

9am – 12:30pm ET/ 8am – 11:30am CT/ 7am – 10:30am MT/6am – 9:30am



This course requires completion of a Birth-to-Three or Birth-to-Seven Waldorf Teacher Education Certificate.

Join Becky for this three week, in-depth study of the constitutional types.

March 5, 2022 topics to include:

· Review the Polarities of “Thick” and “Thin” (Epileptic and Soul Sore) Paths for Incarnation, including a brief description of the lectures called Education for Special Needs (the Curative Course)

· Understanding Polarities of Sulphuric Rich and Sulphuric Poor (the Iron child),

· Cosmic Child/Earthly Child, Large Headed Child/ Small Headed Child.

· What to observe, what to expect, how to bring balance

March 12, 2022 topics include:

· Understanding the of the Nerve Sense predominant Child and the Metabolic/Limb predominant Child and the Heart/Lung predominant Child

· Understanding these constitutional qualities in both their central and peripheral expression.

· What to observe, what to expect, how to bring balance

March 19, 2022 topics include:

· Brief review of the 12 Senses and 7 Life Processes

· Understanding how the different Constitutions are observed through the child’s response to sense impressions and the qualities of their Life Processes.

Becky Rutherford has an undergraduate degree in fine arts, a special education state certification and over four decades of experience working with children, adolescents and adults both in anthroposophic and mainstream settings. She received her Master’s degree in mainstream Art Therapy and has a background in Deaf Education. Becky was a teacher for 25 years at Camphill Special School.

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