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Exploring the Essentials of Parent Child Work

Nancy Macalaster

December 5, 2020 9am - 12:30pm EST


The first three years of a child’s life are the foundation upon which they will build their very being. How we nurture their physical, emotional, spiritual, and social development during this brief window have a direct impact on their health as growing children and ultimately as adults.

Parent Child classes create time and space for parents to engage, with presence, in this formative time and to explore, engage, and hone the many facets of artful nurturing.

This course will explore Birth-Three parent-child work and look at the various components, qualities, and formats that meet the specific developmental and sensory needs of this age and ultimately make for a successful experience. We will explore several principles and practices from Waldorf and Pikler pedagogy that permeate the work. These include observation, free movement, warmth, rhythm, and respect and reverence. 

The course will be focused on the classroom experience of the child, but also on parent work. We will look at specifics about content and organization and touch on the practicalities of Parent-Child work during the pandemic.

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