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Two and Three Year Old - A follow up with Q&A

Katherine Scharff

Saturday September 24, 2022 

10am – 12pm ET/ 9am – 11am CT/ 8am – 10am MT/ 7am – 9am PT

$59 to listen & follow up, $20 for Follow up (April attendees only)


 A follow up to hte April 30 workshop where topics included: 

Children between two and three, and how to bring them into classroom and childcare settings. 

What are the needs of this age? What is different about working with this age group?

Exploration the development of the 2 to 3 year old, rhythm of the day, classroom and outdoor environments, care needs, as well as touch on age appropriate finger games, songs and stories.

Additional information on Creative Discipline & toddler conflict will be presented.

There are two options at registration - Follow Up ($20) for individuals who attended in April or Listen and Follow Up ($59) for individuals who did not attend. Access to a recording of the April workshop will be given so you can submit questions as well attending the Q&A live.

You will be directed to PayPal for final payment. You can choose to pay with a credit card (no account required) or via PayPal account 

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