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Inclusion and Belonging (repeat of Jan)

Meggan Gill

Saturday May 1, 2021 & May 8, 20219am-12:30 EST (starts at 8am Central/7am Mountain/6am Pacific)

(This is a two session workshop)


“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”- Maya Angelou

When we receive a group of children, we also receive their family’s values, hopes and dreams. “Belonging” has been identified as a basic human need, preceded only by physiological and safety needs. As we hone our skills as early childhood educators, deepening our capacities for understanding the intricacies and biases that may be influencing our children’s experiences of inclusion and belonging can be imperative. In turn, we also aim to educate them on how to become responsible community members who will be able to celebrate diversity.

Belonging is not only a human need, it is, historically, a privilege. In this workshop we will explore ways that you can integrate this ongoing process into the daily workings of your classroom and yearly rhythms.  We will primarily focus on topics surrounding race, however these same principles can be applied in a myriad of topics including but not limited to gender expression and equity.

This is a six-hour workshop led over two Saturdays. It is a repeat of the January workshop series. Registration is for the entire workshop.

You will be directed to PayPal for final payment. You can choose to pay with a credit card (no account required) or via PayPal account 

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