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Rod Puppets for the Classroom

Mindy Upton

Saturday March 2 and Saturday March 16, 2024

10am - 1pm EST (9am-12pm CT, 8am-11am MT, 7am-10am PT)



The Rod Puppet has remained a popular technique of

of puppetry through the ages inherited by many famous

puppeteers to this day.

The magic of performing with Rod Puppets has been used for sharing stories and plays since the Han dynasty (206 BCE-220CE) and has been popular since ancient times in Indonesia, China and Japan; it later became widespread in other countries as well. Over the years puppeteers have created different styles and techniques but the basic construction of the rod puppet still remains very similar to those used centuries ago.

I have been deeply connected to Rod Puppets for many years. Their intimate quality of expressing love, story connection and humor have touched each child in my classroom with their very special magic. The Rod Puppet remains the most used puppet in my classroom and has been a vital presence at community performances. It is for these reasons that I am thrilled to share this beautiful form of puppetry with you. Personally, I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue the legacy of Rod Puppetry and bring this age- old form to our children and communities.

In this workshop we will learn the practical ways of constructing the rod puppet as well as the art of the “embodiment” of the puppet and the skill of “living” into the “being” that you have created.

Materials are not included in the workshop fee. A list of materials will be sent upon paid registration.

You will be directed to PayPal for final payment. You can choose to pay with a credit card (no account required) or via PayPal account 

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